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Danyele Stills
Licensed Cosmetologist
Specializing in Crochebraids & natural hair care

Since a child, I’ve has always had an interest in hair. I wanted to start my cosmetology career after high school but was encouraged to go to college. After receiving my business degree & struggling to gain employment, I found myself back at what my heart desired & enrolled in cosmetology school.

I started out doing mainly sew-ins and silk presses but in 2014 I tried crochetbraids and immersed myself in these types of installs and fell in love! I continued to practice my craft, take classes and it has grown to what you see today! Now all of my clients are unique but they share a common desire: HEALTHY HAIR! Crochetbraids are still a strong passion but I also want everyone to look and feel their best with their own hair and to have to healthiest hair possible.

Now for my product journey! After having my 1st daughter, it was a struggle to get her hair to grow & retain its length. After trying countless products on the market, I decided to start making my own. Soon after, I started using my hair oil on my clients and they loved it! I was constantly recommending leave in conditioners, clarifying shampoos and noticed a pattern of what was missing from my clients at home routines. I created my first set of products for keeping your hair at its best while wearing crochetbraids and it continued to grow from there. COVID hit, I dove head first into my product line and Protection Perfection was born! I am a protective stylist and wanted a name to coincide with that.

What started as a solution for my daughter blossomed into fulfilling a void for my clients and living my childhood dream.

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